Textile Printing Blanket always has been the major part for Textile Printing Industries, accuracy of this belt produce finest quality print on clothes. Highly Specialized & Developed Technological Production is one of the most advanced key elements used during Printing Blanket manufacturing.

Textile Printing Blanket
Textile Printing Blanket

Textile Printing Blanket Sources

Textile Printing Blanket

Al-Haq Traders offer Indent or Import Services to Textile Industries. We also keep imported belt stock for Textile Printing Rotary industries. Generally blanket belts are PVC Conveyor belts but manufactured specially. Different width and thickness are available for customer’s need.

Our parent companies design belts to oil, grease, and chemical resistant (normally used chemicals in printing). We also provide inspection services, advisory & jointing. Our parent companies do not compromise on quality, their products are working worldwide.

We have been working with various international manufacturers of different products. As we are in belting industry from decades. We have vast knowledge and expertise too.

Why Textile Printing Blanket from us…

  • Easy cleaningTextile Printing Blanket
  • Zero surface damage
  • Long life & Sealed edges till the belt life
  • Normal temperature resistant
  • Stability & Noise reduction
  • Perfection in layer bonding
  • Guanranteed Geniuness
  • Perfection in Jointing