V Belts

V Belts are an outstanding belts that works at single & Banded on multiple pulleys. Our regular and Banded V Belt drive are made of high quality rubber grading with right combination of Cotton & Carbon.

Available V Belts

We have different Types of V-belt. We have Banded Belts from two to twenty-four joined of superior quality. Al-Haq Traders has been a supplying all belting kinds and V-Belts as A, B, C, D or E. All of our Banded V-Belts customers are satisfied & using at very high-speed and heavy loads as in Paper & Board Industries, Wood Industries & Textile Industries and many others. 

V Belts

Available Brands & Categories for V-Belts

Opti | Gates | Good year| Contitech | Roundless | PIX | Fenner | Rapibelt | 3V | Megagate | Mitsuba |Koyorobe | China & Local too in these  A |  B |  C |  D |  XPA |  XPB |  XPC |  3V |  5V |  8V |  SPA |  SPB |  SPC |  SPZ |  3VX |  5VX |  BX | CX & other Categories.  We can easily meet all V-Belt requirements for Every Industry.

Note: European, American or Korean belts Availability is subjected to sizes” 

Why you should buy V Belts from us…

  • Affordable, Energy & Cost SavingV Belt Design
  • Durable, Long Lasting & Superior Quality
  • Delivery at Site
  • Satisfactory Results
  • Geniune Belts
  • Maintained speed
  • Vibration free
  • Competitive Pricing

Types of V Belts

V Belt Types or Types of V-Belts are very common necessity of Industries, they are easily available at every town and specially small and big shops are there in surroundings of Industrial areas, as Small Industrial Estate Faisalabad, Kotlakhpat Lahore, Sundar Industrial Estate Riwand, Kahuta Triangle Islamabad, Hayatabad Industrial Estate Peshawar and many others.

#1: V Belt Types

V Belt Types

There are many different kinds of V Belts as per usage. Industries have huge consumption of V Belts so they are categorized differently as per their manufacturing and requirements. The most common V Belt Types are A, B, C, D , E….

These are simply belts that are shaped as V or English and A, B, C is different in their thickness, width and length of Vee. A,B,C,D,E are simple plain Vee belts but if we add “x” with them Ax, Bx, Cx, Dx, Ex they are toothed Vee belts also called Cogged Vee Belts. Toothed or Cogged vee belts are more high speedy and long-lasting

A TYPE Belt    Ax TYPE Belt
B TYPE Belt    Bx TYPE Belt
C TYPE Belt    Cx TYPE Belt
D TYPE Belt    Dx TYPE Belt
E TYPE Belt    Ex TYPE Belt

Same as above if Two or Three belts are joined for Pulleys more than one (you can place single belt on each pulley if pulley is combined) those belts are Banded Vee Belts.

Banded A TYPE Belt    Banded    Ax TYPE Belt
Banded B TYPE Belt    Banded    Bx TYPE Belt
Banded C TYPE Belt    Banded    Cx TYPE Belt
Banded D TYPE Belt    Banded    Dx TYPE Belt
Banded E TYPE Belt    Banded    Ex TYPE Belt

SP (A,B,C) and SPAx belts are also in Vee Belts category but These belts Vee design is Longer Vee in Length/Height but the only shorter in lengths are SPZ and SK belts. “x” adds teeth in Vee.

SK TYPE Belt     SKx TYPE Belt

V Belt Types

Banded V Belt Types

Banded SPA TYPE Belt       Banded SPAx TYPE Belt
Banded SPB TYPE Belt       Banded SPBx TYPE Belt
Banded SPC TYPE Belt       Banded SPCx TYPE Belt
Banded SPZ TYPE Belt       Banded SPZx TYPE Belt
Banded SK TYPE Belt         Banded SKx TYPE Belt

The above belts common and can be used nearly in every industry as Paper, Pharma, Textile, Food, Cement, Floor, Tire, Marble, Wood, Plastic, Printing Packaging and to home industries but the below kinds are specified to specific pulleys in specific industries.

M TYPE Belt    K TYPE Belt
2 TYPE Belt    3L TYPE Belt
3V Type Belt    3Vx Type Belt
5V Type Belt    5Vx Type Belt

The more V Belt Types available in Banded option too.

Banded 2 TYPE Belt    Banded 3L TYPE Belt
Banded 3V Type Belt    Banded 3Vx Type Belt
Banded 5V Type Belt    Banded 5Vx Type Belt

We offer the above V belts in these Quality Oriented Brands Sawa, Contitech, Goodyear, Roundless, Pix, Opti, Bando, Fenner, Mitsuboshi and many others like MegaPower and more. These Belts are imported from Germany, UK, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, France, and other European countries. Chinese & Pakistani Belts are also available on demand.