We offer all treadmill belt sizes for residential & commercial clients. Most of treadmill users are not familiar with belt replacement process. In this reading we shall try to cover process with readers to save your cost.

We are experienced in belting. Al-Haq Traders always try to provide best to their customers whether its product, service or guides.

This Treadmill Belt Replacement process would surely help, instruct & guide you on how to change the treadmill jogging belt when it gets damaged. Firstly, you need to take belt size to order us for making. Treadmill belt dimensions are not too hard to take. Its simple.

If you get some troubles and treadmill belt creates problems or its damaged; you can replace treadmill running belt by yourself. A few belts can be repaired as well. You can consult us. We do not commit repairing all belts. We can confirm after belt personal inspection at our workshop.

When should we change the treadmill running belt?

It’s only few hours a week if you use treadmill machine for the casual walking or running at home. In this way, your belt life span is in years. Residential users habit of walking or using treadmill machine places limited pressure on the belt and motor belt.

Gyms usages are multiple hours in a day which damages it more. For gym owners life span is lesser for more usages. There is no exact estimate about life of both motor timing belt and treadmill belt as it can be different in different environments.

What damages my belt?

  1. Human weights can make difference
  2. Humidity also effects belt
  3. Some people do never clean the gears and shafts. It also effects life
  4. If it’s overlap belt joint; wrong direction also effects

Gym owners face more problems because of their continuous usage and mostly heavy weighted customers. We suggest them to buy 2 ply 2mm thickness belt or go for more thicknesses. The same suggestion is for home users for longer life. Pay only once in years.

Why should we change the treadmill jogging belt?

We use the treadmill machine for doing exercise on the daily base. We run on the treadmill, which generates a great impact on all machine parts including your deck belt and motor belt.

You can also notice and check your belt if it has lost it upper or lower surface roughness. Few belts are pressed by heavy weighted human’s feet pressure. Damaged belt can cause some problems

  1. It can break anytime which may result falling or minor accident
  2. It also makes more pressure on motor & other parts including your electric panel. (The more easy belt runs, the more machine friendly it becomes)
  3. It also increases your electricity consumption if any belt is taking more than required motor load.

How can we change the treadmill machine belt at home or office?

Users can change it but cannot proceed until you are not confident. You should understand all treadmill belt replacement steps before proceeding.

Tools you need

You should use the proper tools that are required for replacing

  • Wrench set
  • Work gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Allen wrench set

Step 1:  First unplug the treadmill machine before replacing belt.

Step 2:  Wear the hand gloves for protection.

Step 3:  Remove all the screws attached to the motor hood

Step 4: Remove the walking place deck into the storage.

Step 5: Pull the motor hood onward and detach it

When you remove the motor hood, ensure that the storage latch is secured.

Step 6: Detach the screws located form the under-surface of the walking board. It is attached at right side rail.

Step 7: Release the latch and unfold the treadmill machine

Step 8: Detach the screws from the left and right foot rail.

Step 9: Turn the right side roller adjustment Allen screw to release the walking belt tensioner.

When you are turning the roller drive by hand, exert the force on the inside of the drive belt. You do this in order to off the walk drive belt.

Step 10: Up the rear roller from the lift side and out of the mounting bracket.

Step 11: Detach the drive roller and remove all nuts and screws found above each of the isolators.

Step 12:  Now use the Allen wrench to remove the four bolts located in each corner of the walking board and remove the walking belt with the help of two people.

Step 13: Replace the old jogging belt with the new one. Use Allen wrench to replace the bolts in each of treadmill working board corners.

Step 14: Put all the screws and nuts back to their places and also put the idler roller and motor hood back on.

Still confused?

If you are thinking to change belt, Buy Treadmill belt from Al-Haq Traders. We have nationwide delivery system through cargo. Additionally, We can try to find contracted labor in your city for replacement.

Please note: workers for replacement are outsourced & subjected to availability. We would directly refer them to clients. We have no interests in this. 

Treadmill Belt Replacement Guide – DIY [at home / office]

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