Traditional Sales Approaches – Every Business manufacture or trade a product or service to sale and selling more and more is their basic target. Sales increases company profit, consumer pay cash in return of product which is going to satisfy their need.

Basic needs of every human are same like food, shelter, clothes, water & oxygen but in general needs vary person to person. These are developed by our Environmental, Cultural, Social, Behavioral & Psychological aspects.


  • In Iceland, Kazakhstan or Finland, you need warm clothes as your need but in Sudan or other African countries you don’t need. It’s Environmental.
  • In most of European countries people wear suit when they go to office, but in Asia most of people simply wear Pant & Dress shirt. It’s cultural.
  • You go out with your friends on picnic; every friend taking their camera for photography, to balance with society you would need Camera.
  • Your parents taught you to help poor; you shall buy some extra meal for deserving like NGOs do. It is your behavior and psychology.

Every Salesman use Either Traditional or Modern Sales Approach to sell product. A good salesman can be great salesman with help of Selling Techniques & Consumer Psychology. Often you watch documentary at TV or encounter with insurance policy sales team or Credit Card & Banking services suppliers.

Traditional Sales Approach # 1 : Canned Sales Presentation

Traditional Sales Approaches - Canned Presentation

They speak same words, same features, same advantage & everything is same. Staff simply memorizes scripted presentation designed by Director or Head of Company. Canned sales Presentation is most used in door to door selling.

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Another approach in Traditional Sales Approaches is Stimulus Response Theory. You are not going to buy casual T-Shirt, you don’t wear it but you are a fan of some Personality like Emma Watson, Shah Rukh Khan, Bill Gates or Imran Khan.

Traditional Sales Approach # 2 : Response Theory

Imagine if I say; if you buy this T-Shirt from me, I shall give you consumer number let say 512097. At the end of this month our computer is going to select 10 customers to have lunch or a day with your favorite. Will you buy now? I think, I shall not miss this chance.

Technically this approach is call Stimulus-Response Theory, it says that customer will buy your product, only if they hear some specific words in structured manners. It is salesman quality to judge what customer want to hear. We at Al-Haq Traders use this approach to sale our belts, we explain how our belts saves electricity and reduce your production cost.

Traditional Sales Approaches - AIDA

Traditional Sales Approach # 3 : The Selling Formula

Goals are always achieved through proper channel or process. You want to be a doctor, you have to go through proper schooling, college and & university degree. Selling formula approach tells you that potential customer will only buy your product if he/she is gone to AIDR & AIDA.

AIDR is formula in which A is attention, I is interest, D is desire & R is resolve and AIDA is attention, interest, desire and action. Customer will surely buy if gone through these stages. In my personal view, you should understand Advertising which actually motivate you.

Note: AIDR and AIDA is same thing, AIDR was published in 1902, after revision it was AIDA.

Traditional Sales Approaches
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