Spindle Tape manufactured with Polyester and Polaymide. We are Supplying one of the most common Textile requirement to our clients in Textile Spinning ring frames and with double twisters for two, four or eight spindle drives & also high performance twisters at very high-speed.

Spindle Tape in Pakistan

Spindle Tape Textile

We are the One who Introduced it to Pakistan’s Textile Spinning Mills under distribution of Siegling. Mr. Amjad Hussain himself changed many ring frames from Cotton Tape to Synthetic Tape. We have been working in different Spinning sectors from long period. Presently, we are stockiest & supplier of various belting in Pakistan.

Available Spindle Tape

We have European, Indian & Chinese rolls in different width options like 11mm, 13mm & 15mm in regular sizes. We can also provide you different widths. European adhesive & Jointing heater is also available. All of our Power Transmission Belts & Conveyor Belts are satisfactory & reliable in competitive pricing. Our Belts  has been Industrial demand from decades.

Why We should be your Spindle Tape Supplier…

  • Constant speedSpindle Tape 11mm roll
  • Nearly zero Slippage
  • Saves electricity
  • Better Life
  • Easy Jointing
  • Non-sticky to aired cotton particles
  • 100% Confirmed after sale services
  • Satisfactory results from all industries

Some Important Readings

In Pakistan Spinning Industries Shifting to Spindle Tape from Cotton Tape has been done several years before by our Parent Company. Holland Machinery Stores has worked as Forbo-Siegling distributor in Pakistan for many years, and has been World’s Top Distributor giving highest sales. HMS replaced cotton tapes to Synthetic Spindle Tape in Textile Spinning Industry.

Reasons of Spinning Industries shifting to Spindle Tape

Spindle Tape was designed later but cotton tapes were used in late past. The major reason for a step in Spinning Industries Shifting to Spindle Tape was the Stitched Joints of Cotton tape, Joint failure, elongation of cotton tape, variation in thread strength, production loss and many others. These factors made Belting manufacturers to realize the need of time to create something that can run on high speed, doesn’t increase its length and of course belt joint is 100% satisfactory.

HMS mainly focused Power Transmission Belts, Flat Belts, Leather Belts, Food Conveyor, PVC Belts, Rubber Conveyor, V-Belts, Timing Belts and similar belting kinds. As it was launched by Siegling, HMS imported limited stock and started to market it in Spinning. Mr. Amjad Hussain was the man to market this new technology (he is also the very first man in Pakistan who had necessity belt skills training from Siegling in Hannover-Germany).

HMS had many seminars specially in National Textile University Faisalabad. This new technological improvement of that time was costly enough and it took long time to get first order. The first order was of 1 spindle tape belt that runs 04 spindles of ring frame.

After successful installation of Siegling Spindle Tape, the wait for analyzing results started and ended with Outstanding results of increased monthly production by time save, Thread strength because of consistent speed, same production quality because of no breaks due to belts. It pleased General Manager and HMS was ordered to replace all spindle in one go.

The minimum spindles for spinning industry to meet its routine expenses and give minor profit to M.D is 14400 spindles, If we consider this as that mills spindles that means 14400/04=3600 Spindle tape belts. It took approx one week for order completion.

This has been a great reference for other industries and every industry started giving orders. 95-98% Textile Spinning Industries were installed and remaining 02-05% ordered to Korean & Chinese manufacturers for less pricing, still those belts were also installed by HMS. It was a great achievement to HMS, parent of AT. You can ask us to buy Belt tools as Skiver, Hot Press, Jointing adhesive, or Spindle tape rolls.

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