Salesman Qualities – The best ones are not learnt in School or University. Qualities of Salesman are skills learned in field, sometimes senior guides you to apply specific tactic or sometimes discussions with prospect create need to learn those skills. Everybody can sale but not everyone is salesman & If everyone is salesman not every salesman is good salesman. Studies distinguishes Salesmanship & Selling.

Salesman Qualities – The Best Ones

He Can do it

A good salesman must be expert in field with vast product or service knowledge, their production & techniques, after sales process, product life, its competing features, long life, goodwill in market, feedback of existing customers and of course should have good reading, writing and speaking command in regional language. This may be learned through proper training channel within or outside the organization, if you don’t take training – It is just like you are frying potato (fries) in water.

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Consider you are selling smart phone but you’re unaware of latest updates in Android, Windows or Apple versions. For example: Android – you are selling android 4.4.1 and 5.1 has been launched in market.

How will you respond if customer asks you why he should buy 4.4.1 instead of latest 5.1? Salesman should be aware of Market.

Salesman Qualities – The best ones
Salesman Qualities – The best ones

He Knows

Sales job are one of the most tough jobs in company, selling is incomplete without salesman effort. Salesman should always consider customer’s psychological approach, what your customer actually wants? what is customer’s value? what would be the reason of customer to pay you for specific product? A lot questions should be in mind before presentation. Understanding consumer is the only key to boost sale.

Example A guy is interested in Professional Photography and wanted DSLR camera. You are trying to convince him to buy a smart phone from your company with 13 mega pixels camera for professional photography. Does is get success?

Salesman Qualities – The best ones are incomplete if you don’t win consumer trust. Being salesman you must have style to win customer’s confidence. You must convince customer that you have the product which actually fits its need.


Suppose one of your customer is planning to buy cycle for loosing weight (psychological approach), now it is easy for you to sale Indoor Treadmill. You can convince him by comparing Cycle with Treadmill. “Remember customer need is loosing weight”

1) Its indoor, you don’t need to spare time for outdoor cycling. You can do anytime.

2) All your family members can also do it at home, running will boost their stamina.

3) It is inclined, you can run like climbing hill & burn more calories than road cycling.

Often we are attracted to some strangers in our life with no reason, no feelings, no affection or affiliation. We just like them, did we ever think why we are liking a stranger? At least I did, did you? Remember someone and think for a second. I shall clear it in the end.

Salesman Qualities – The best ones

Sticky Profession

Consistency is an important quality, in fact one of the top Qualities of Salesman. A good salesman should be passionate, energetic; goal oriented and keep working hard & harder to achieve goals. If prospect is not convinced in 1st meeting, 2nd one and even after many times and salesman having faith on product & himself too, it shall finally motivate customer; All is well if ends well. Good salesman is always Persistent in Personality & Honest to Profession along with Honesty to the Clients. Dishonesty leads to failure. Sincerity will increase company sales and hearts of both Employer and Consumer.

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He should be social. Every relation in world depends upon courtesy, even husband wife get divorced if there is lack of understanding, courtesy & mutual benefits. Once I read that courtesy in field is like fuel to vehicle.

Politeness wins heart extend social circle. We like to sit with our polite friends, the same is with customers. Meeting different people will improve your confidence, your views & abilities. A person who cannot make friends, how shall make customers? long-term customer relations?

Impressing Personality

If you remember I was asking you to think of stranger you like, why did you like stranger with no reason? Don’t worry if you couldn’t find answer within you. It is their personality, the way they dress up themselves, the way they walk, sit or stand. Their gestures, postures, hair style, beard, sun glasses, lenses, necklace, wrist watch, suit color, shoes, and many more things. If you are going in sales job, work at you first.

Salesman Qualities – The best ones
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