Reducing Printing Press Paper Board Cost has been an issue to all Offset Printers or Printing & Packaging Industries. High Cost = Less Profit & Low Cost = High Profit is a universal law in businesses. Most of the printers often share their high costing due to damaged printing.

Cost Profit Relationiship
Cost Profit Relationiship

Reducing Printing Press Paper Board Cost with Belts

Reducing Paper & Board Cost in Printing Press could be done by changing your feed board or table belts in Printing Machines like Solna 125, Solna 164, Solna two Color, Heidelberg 2 Color, Heidelberg 4 color and Six Color Heidelberg.

It is not the only process of reducing paper costing but it is one of them, this extra cost will reduce your present cost. In belting business we keep taking customer’s feedback regarding our products & services, so we knew it.

Your car runs 13-15 KM per litter, and it comes to 7-8KM per litter. Your mechanic advises you to change some of the parts to get your previous mileage back. Would you or wouldn’t you? Of course you would because this minor or major cost will reduce you daily cost in long run.

Interested in Reducing Printing Press Paper Board Cost ?

Reducing Printing Press Paper Board Cost is same like above example. It is linked with your belts that transport sheets from sheeting section to printing section. Usually there are rough top and bottom surfaces on Printing Machine Belt.

Reducing Printing Press Paper Board Cost with Table Belts

While machine runs these belts rub with shafts, dishes, small pulleys, it starts loosing it Abrasion property and belts get plain from both sides. These plain belt gets slippage from dish side and also paper doesn’t get grip at top of belt side too. Slipped paper gets little forward or backward, right or left that is not seen with eyes unless printed paper comes out from Machine.

Approximately all of customers admits their paper use in different jobs are reduced in countable numbers. We being specialist in Industrial Belts offer this services to our Printers in Pakistan. We have different options for different customers.

Some of customers buy skived belts and joint themselves. We may sell adhesive and Hot press to out customers, if they want to keep it to themselves. Dot Care pvt ltd is one of our customer who buy skived belts. Another way is to call us at your place and we can Joint belts at machine.

Reducing Printing Press Paper Board Cost

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