Leather Transmission Belts

High speed or Heavy load – Imported leather transmission belts reduces shafts slippage & maintain continuous speed

V Belts

Conventional V-Belt are replaced with Banded. European joined V-Belts doesn’t increase in length, they work perfectly fine with different industrial & machinery requirements. We provide belting to Pakistan.

Timing Belts

Looking for High Quality Timing belts? Tired of replacing or tooth break? Try Al-Haq Traders

Spindle Tape

Spindle Tape manufactured with Polyester and Polaymide. We are Supplying one of the most common Textile Spinning requirement to our clients in Textile ring frames and with double twisters for two, four or eight spindle drives & also high performance twisters at very high-speed.

Belt Joint

We have fully equipped workshop with modern tools & latest technology. Foreign trained supervision for jointing needs. We can do all jointing for you!

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