Paper Folder Machine BeltsPaper Folder Machine Belts are most common issue customer face in Offset Printing & Packaging Industries in Pakistan. Actually there is no adjustment for belt tension. All you can do is make Perfect size Paper Folder Belts. These are high-speed & requires joint them perfectly. Mechanical staff in the Offset Printing & Packaging Industries in Pakistan are not trained enough. They make some little mistakes like buying low quality and repeatedly pay for them.

Paper Folder Machine Belts

Usually Paper Folding done manually. Paper Folder Machine is designed to Perform Paper Folding Fast and Better. Some big book publishers are using these machines while other are using manpower to perform it. Paper Folder Machine Belt Jointing is really hard, because of no base or tray to place Hot Press like we have on Solna 125, Heidelberg, Roland and other machines. See how to joint belt.

Paper Folder Machine Belts

Belts in Picture are basically Nylon Belts (that are used for high speeding) Categorically: Power Transmission Belts or Flat Belts. We install these Paper Folder Machine belts in various Offset Printing & Packaging Industries all over the Punjab-Pakistan.

The machine is “Heidelberg Paper Folder”  We charge very reasonable and our products are good quality to give you right return of money you pay. Our services are Outstanding, We are in Lahore (Head Office) but our staff is also in other cities like Faisalabad as well as in Islamabad and others, if not we can come for you.

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Paper Folder Machine Belts
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2 thoughts on “Paper Folder Machine Belts

  • April 16, 2015 at 23:36

    Hello dear.

    I am looking to develop belt supplier to buy – import to Brazil.
    I would like to give me attention.

    I wonder if you manufacture this belt used on the machines cash bending, feeder

    Please send price budget for this action:

    980x8x25mm endless

    1107x8x25mm endless

    follows attached photo
    my name
    agnaldo gomes
    commercial manager
    ideal belts services and industrial parts
    parents. Brazil
    city. guarulhos
    state. sao paulo

    in response keep

    • May 22, 2016 at 20:01

      Hi Agnaldo Gomes,
      We also emailed you in past and sent you again today. We can provide you all belting. Stay in contact please.


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