Offset Printing Machine Belts isn’t so hard for a raw hand person. There are many Printing Machine brands as Solna, Roland, Mielli, Heidelberg and others that produce print at very high speed on paper, card, sticker and art paper. There are Approximately 750 in Faisalabad, 750 in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

Offset Printing Machine Belts

These machines automatically pickups paper and send it to printing section via Dish / Feed board, Feed board or Dish delivers that sheet through Belts. These belts are called Machine Tapes, Dish belts, Feed board belts, table belts and machine belts.

Offset Printing Machine Belts

We Al-Haq Traders are proud of being the supplier of Feed board Belts & Speed Belts (Poly V, Ribbed, V, Grooved, Folder Machine, Folding Gluing Belts to Printing Press. More than 90% are our clients and they are well reputed names in Printing & Packaging.

Yesterday, One client called us from Multan for buying skived Machine Tapes, Hot Press & adhesive for jointing belt himself. After completion of order We got a call for installation instruction for better bonding. “A correctly jointed belt in this industry saves thousands of papers that is indirect cost.” Savings are earning expect the profit we add after present cost.

How to Joint Offset Printing Machine Belts

Read below Offset Printing Machine Belts installation guides that even a raw hand person can install through the following process or call us for Belt Joint

  • Go through the shafts where belt was previously installed, make sure that every turn is right and belt is not turned.
  • It is mandatory for avoid touching of Oil, Greece and any chemical on the skived ends. It shall effect efficiency of bonding/jointing.
  • Once belts are placed accurately, come to the skived ends and for bonding.
  • Add little adhesive on skived ends and not even a single mm should be left untouched with adhesive. Normally skived end of Printing Machine tape is 27-35 mm length x 25-28 mm width.
  • After successful application of adhesive leave the ends for 2-3 minutes for getting that liquid little dry.
  • It shall start fixing after drying if you place one end to another end. Little fixing of skived ends will make you sure that its going good.
  • Fix it, place it correctly as per skived ends
  • Tighten side bars that belt do no turn, don’t tight so much, it shall give a punched marked.
  • Tighten Upper section and switch it on for 15 minutes at 70-90 C°

This is all you have to do for proper boding or fixing belt. We also sale HOT PRESS (Heidelberg). Contact for more details.

Offset Printing Machine Belts

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