Food Processing Belts are not only important for Confectionery & Baking Industry but also for all food industries. It is because food belts are made of material that can not harm your health at all. Generally producers buy PVC Conveyor belts instead of Food Conveyor. Why they do it? Possibly its because they don’t have full knowledge or they are risking lives for few pennies.

We can not neglect Food Processing Belt Importance. Let me share recent experience with readers. We also offer Belt Joint Services in Pakistan at competitive pricing without compromising quality. Customers from different parts of country call us for this. So, a couple of days ago, I visited a well-known confectionery for their on Site Conveyor Belt jointing in Pakistan. I am sorry in advance, I cannot share their name because of our business & client privacy & also theirs. Their name has a good repute in market. It was chocolate conveyor machine that transport chocolate about 75 feet on conveyor belt. It was PVC Conveyor; It should be Food Conveyor Belt not PVC Conveyor Belts.

Buy Qualitative Food Processing-Food Grade Conveyor Belts

Why Industries don’t buy Food Grade Conveyor?

The Pricing Factor

The belt we jointed was single ply, 0.9 mm thickness PVC Conveyor Belt which was sold to them by one of their supplier with the name of PU Conveyor Belt. Yes, it was white in color, but white doesn’t always mean Food Grade. You need to buy Qualitative Food Processing / Food Grade Conveyor Belts not only white Conveyor Belts was my point to i discussed with them. They were not ready to buy food belts, you must be wondering why they don’t buy Food Grade Conveyor? Belt price is answer.

Lack of Knowledge in Industries

Belts are used in every machine but it is a product you don’t buy daily. The more you ask the more you know. There is miss-perception & misunderstanding in Food industries that Green & White belts are Food Conveyor belt. It is true to some level but not 100% true. White belts can be PVC Conveyor.

Does it make any sense that You buy Benz in Price of Honda?

Why You need to Buy Qualitative Food Processing or Food Grade Conveyor Belts compared to traditional PVC Conveyor

Baking & Confectionery industries are usually with machines that are nearest & pass through heating & cooling tunnel. All Belting manufacturers from all over the world designed specialized belts for specified industries. Not every belt is for every machine.

Industries firstly need to understand difference between nonfood PVC Conveyor Belts & Food Grade Conveyor Belts. Nonfood grade conveyor belts doesn’t meet requirements of food belts but food conveyor can meet requirements of nonfood’s.

Why Should you go for Food Grade Conveyor Belts ?

From International rules and regulations. All food & confectionery industries are bound to use Food Processing belts where food directly touches belt. Cold or Hot material absorbs chemical from belt which is not good for human health. Food belts are made with food grade material and ingredients.

Buy Qualitative Food Processing-Food Grade Conveyor Belts

Food Conveyor Belts Cost analysis

Food Conveyor or PU Conveyor belt is costly compared to PVC & Nonfood Conveyor Belts. PVC Conveyor Belts give shorter life; you ll keep replacing it every season or within season. Using Non-Food Conveyor in food industries can have 2 major problems.

  1. Its People’s health, who consumes products
  2. You ll need to replace PVC belt sooner because of cracking problem. It also gets hard with time.

On the other hand specially designed belt for plus minus temperature costs high & give longer life span. It bears temperature variations. Nonfood conveyor belt is one seasoned life whereas food conveyor is more than 2-3 seasons.

Example Costing:

  • PVC Belt Price: 100$ with life of one season
  • Food Belt Price: 170$+ with life of two or more seasons (minimum)

The right direction

  1. Go for reliable supplier, always think in broader sense. You can save some amount by buying cheap conveyor belts  but indirectly you are spending more amount in repurchasing them.
  2. Think of consumer too. They trust you and it doesn’t mean to break it.
Food Processing Belt Conveyor: Importance & Unethical Practices

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