Food Conveyor Belts is manufactured for Confectionery & Baking Industries & also to some Pharmaceuticals where medicines have direct contact with belt, of course Food Conveyor should be used here.

Why Food Conveyor Belts

Food Conveyor Belts

Food Belts are EU/FDA approved, made of Excellent Release Properties for Sticky products like Jelly, Candy, Chew, Wafer cream & others. They completely safer to health.

Manufacturers of Food Conveyor Belts

FOOD belts are not produced in Pakistan; all of our Food Conveyors are imported from Europe, America & China as well, We keep well reputed branded belts in Stock i.e., Ammeraal Beltech – Switzerland, Habasit – Switzerland, Forbo-Siegling – Germany and VISgmbh – Germany.

Our Technical Collaboration with highly Experienced Managers from Food and Confectionery Industries helps us to understand mechanical requirements much better for a right suggestion of Food Conveyor Belt, in form of Top and Bottom surfaces or Coating as MAT or Shine.

Food Conveyor Belts

We assure you 100% genuineness of Food Conveyor from informed country. We don’t compromise on quality. Food Conveyor Belts in Pakistan are being used for Bubble gum, Chocolates, Biscuits, Fruit and many others eatable conveying purposes.

We also have belts for Special Environment like Baking (biscuit-oven) or passing through cooling tunnel (chocolate) as well as for Chips, Snacks, Slanty, Nimko or others. We are making Carrier Sidewall Conveyor Belt for Inclined Delivery & Bucket belt with various available options. We also offer Belt Jointing facilities at mills. All of your belting problems and requirements can be fulfilled at single door.

Reasons of Buying Food Conveyor Belt from US…

  • FDAA/EU Approved Food Conveyor Belts – Halal Content
  • Non-Sticky Food Conveyor Belt Box Bucket& Low Noised
  • Sealed Edge, Durable & Reliable
  • Less Conveying Costs
  • Experience of 40 Years
  • Fixed layer / ply bonding
  • Efficient & Easy Cleaning
  • Good Abrasion Resistance
  • Small pulley diameter possible
  • Suitable for Temperature variations in both Heating and Cooling
  • Laterally stiff that Wide belts run flat
  • 1 ply to 3-4 plied food conveyor belts available
  • Working with Many Popular names in Pakistan
  • MAT and Finished surface for different applications

Some Important Readings

Couple of days ago, I visited a Well-known confectionery for their On Site Conveyor Belt jointing. We offer Belt Joint Services in Pakistan at competitive pricing without compromising quality. I am sorry in advance, I cannot share their name because of our business privacy & also theirs. Their name has a good repute in market. Meeting with Technical staff after completion of successful belt joint influenced me to write “Why Producer must Buy Qualitative Food Processing-Food Grade Conveyor Belts.”

#1: Buy Qualitative Food Grade Belts

Buy Qualitative Food Processing-Food Grade Conveyor Belts

It was chocolate conveyor machine that transport chocolate about 75 feet on conveyor belt. It should be Food Conveyor Belt not only Conveyor Belts. The main shared problem was shorter belt life.  It starts wear and tear problem within season. Sometimes cracks on upper layer & other times misaligned belt movements on perfectly aligned Conveyor System.

The belt we jointed was single ply, 0.9 mm thickness PVC Conveyor Belt which was sold to them by one of their supplier with the name of PU Conveyor Belt. No matter it was white, but white doesn’t always mean Food Grade. You Buy Qualitative Food Processing-Food Grade Conveyor Belts not white Conveyor Belts was my point to ponder. You must be wondering why they don’t buy from us? Our belt price was no doubt high; it was only because we provide quality that matters. We always provide genuine & long lasting Industrial Belts.

Lack of Knowledge in Industries

Belt is used in every machine but it is a product you don’t buy daily. The more you know the more you are involved with things or you research & learn. There is miss-perception & misunderstanding in Food industries that Green & White belts are Food Conveyor belt. It is true to some level but not 100% true. The most problem in Pakistani Industries is that they want to buy low priced high quality belts.

Does it make any sense that You buy Honda Civic in Price of Suzuki Cultus?

Of course Seller will either cheat (if you can’t compare) or you will buy used Honda in price of new Suzuki. Quality is what makes you satisfied. It is sense of comfort. People who buy quality pays once.

Why There’s a need to Buy Qualitative Food Processing-Food Grade Conveyor Belts?

Baking & Confectionery industries are usually with machines that are nearest & pass through heating & cooling tunnel. All Belting manufacturers from all over the world designed specialized belts for specified industries. Not every belt is for every machine. What is maximum belt thickness of 100 mm diameter pulley? Like for Textile Bobbin Conveyor they have PVC top bottom rough surface & for Dough section in Biscuit machines they have Silicon & PU Conveyor Belt. Industries firstly need to understand difference between nonfood / PVC Conveyor BeltsFood Grade Conveyor Belts. Nonfood grade conveyor belts doesn’t meet requirements of food conveyor belts but food conveyor meets requirements of nonfood’s in same thickness and plies.

Why Buy Qualitative Food Processing-Food Grade Conveyor Belts ?

From International rules and regulations. All food & confectionery industries are bound to use Food Conveyor belt where food touches belt. Biscuit after oven is in melted hot form and same with chocolate. Hot material absorbs chemical from belt which is not good for health. Specified belts are made with food grade material and ingredients.

Buy Qualitative Food Processing-Food Grade Conveyor Belts

Food Conveyor Belts Cost analysis

Food Conveyor or PU Conveyor belt is costly compared to PVC & Nonfood Conveyor Belts. PVC Conveyor Belts give shorter life; you keep replacing it every season or within season. On the other hand specially designed belt for plus minus temperature costs high but give longer life span. It bears it temperature variations. Nonfood conveyor belt is one seasoned life whereas food conveyor is more than 2-3 seasons. In costing perspective we compare Buying 1 Nonfood Conveyor with 1 Food Processing Conveyor. Industries need to compare life of one Food Conveyor with one PVC. This calculation will make you sure that you are not paying high for food ones. Actually you are saving for not repeated paying.

Some questions from readers before i ask will you Buy Qualitative Food Processing-Food Grade Conveyor Belts or Not?

I strongly believe on Business Success rule i.e., Less Expenditures / Low cost production = High Profit. We apply this rule in our factory but choose High priced Samsung not low priced Qmobile. Goes to International brand Mcdonalds not in local brand AFC. Choose Daewoo to travel and not Manthar or New Khan. Don’t mind but you should always buy low priced products if it is rule of success. I have one questions if you can’t.

Q 1: Being industrialist / Mechanical / Technical or Purchase Staff, do you want to save company cost in short run or long run?

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