Composition of Timing BeltsComposition of Timing belt or How Timing belt is made or what are ingredients of Timing Belt? I would like to dedicate this post to my Friend who is in the same business and asked me to guide him to get more and more customer.

He was expecting me to train him in this business, I simply told many things with time but recently he questioned me, Rizwan: Tell me what are chemicals or things used in making a timing belt, what makes a timing belt long-lasting (shall write later on it) and how can I make my customers understand to buy from me.

Composition of Timing Belt

Timing belts are made of rubber belts, rubber molded with tension member that are usually threads of Cotton, Kevlar, Fiber, Teflon or Nylon. Timing belt rubber is not ordinary rubber (I don’t know chemical formula), might be adding carbon to make it stronger.

Good companies like Bando, Opti, Gates, Goodyear, use more heat-resistant rubber & high tensile Kevlar or Fiber threat that runs of high-speed and don’t melt on but small companies’ mostly Low quality Chinese belts are not so much Heat proof and also they don’t use thread of high tensile.

Composition of Timing Belt tooth

Composition of Timing belts tooth are different in its pitch that are specifically used on custom-made pulley. There are lots of timing belt kinds in today market but in past my father told me there were only 3-5 kinds of belts.

Composition of Timing Belts
S8M Timing Belt Design

Time, Experience, Competition, Requirements, Machinery Designs were reasons behind improvements and customization. Generally there is no difference in 8M & S8M bellt, (Industrialist often use any on same drive) if you critically check both tooth you can easily notice that 8M is simply round tooth where as S8M is give little deep line in center of width of tooth and also minor rough tooth.

Composition of Timing Belt
8M Timing Belt tooth design

This is improvement just to make tooth life more and also to give place for heat ventilation while belt is on pulley. No doubt 8M is less strong and S8M is stronger of same manufacturer but this is business they shall keep making little variations to compete. I still hope i have missed lots of things in sharing Composition of Timing belt – If you find error or something more better to be added in. Please share via email or comment. We love it !

Composition of Timing belt

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