Blower Tape is the name of belt used at blower section in Spinning Section of Textile Industries. By nature it is Nylon Belt and also called Endless belt, Flat belt, Nylon Sandwich belt. The name Blower tape given to it was due to specific requirement in both Auto cone & Ring of Textile Spinning Industries. Blower Tape is being used in Textile Spinning only in two different width options that are 5 mm and 10 mm respectively.

Blower Tape
We personally prefer to use Branded Spindle Tape or Blower Tape to get healthy results. Indian or Chinese Blower Tape of creates a major problem of elongation with time passage and replacing approximately one or two times a month.

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Blower tape picture attached is of is 2.2 mm thickness – China produced. In our industrial experiences and communications with different departmental staff. We got to know that in suppliers of belts are supplying in different thicknesses.

Blower Tape alternatives

Once we in Faisalabad market saw, blower tape roll. Its thickness was 1.00 mm; a nylon belt which is basically used as Offset Printing Machine Table belts or Paper Folder Machine BeltSuppliers surely know major speed difference at Printing Press & Blower Room. Yet they doing it, huhh… 1.5 mm thickness, 1.8 mm thickness, 2.0 mm thickness and 2.2 mm thickness.

Blower Tape for Spinning Mills are recommended of Brands, Brands never compromise quality. Once you pay high but you get value against it. Siegling, Habasit, Nitta & Ammeraal are good brands. It doesn’t mean that Chinese belt are failed.

China’s production facilities are neither less, they can produce competing quality. Even market leaders have their production houses in Pakistan, Ammeraal too (as per my last update 3 years back). If importer is paying right price to Chinese manufacturers, they can also give you same quality, most of the belts as Timing Belts, V-Belts, Conveyor Belts, Folding Belts and so on are from China. They give right life span.

The thing to focus is not to be sticky with routine. Industries should try innovation and improvements. Spindle tape was launched later but mills was running.

Blower Tape

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