Belt Installation on Conedrum pulley is really tough job. I, on behalf of Al-Haq Traders (Power Transmission and Conveyor Belt Supplier in Pakistan) used to make different Leather Transmission / Lexicon Belt for cone drives in Paper Mills & always found a problem for Belt Installation on Conedrum Pulleys.

Making Belt installation on Conedrum Pulley easy too

First the belt is joined and often on a line shaft so the belt runs vertically. If the shaft is on a clutch and can be “inched” forward? or if not?
Belt Installation on Conedrum Pulley

Step 1: 
if it is a “spooked” cone pulley then a rope can be used sometimes by putting the belt on the smaller pulley edge (if there is one) or the bottom pulley and then roped as far around as possible on the other pulley “drive” with the ropes pulled through the roller and held by a person keeping tension on the rope while the shaft is turned and letting go as soon as the belt is pulled on. Simple but if the shaft can be slowly turned enough to let the rope go?

Step 2: Make a bracket (as in picture or similar) that will lead the belt on to the pulley. Assuming the pulleys have a firm at the edge which will allow clamping with bolts, make a clamp to work like a shoehorn but for rotary use.

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The clamp will fit on the driving pulley edge and will “lead” the belt up to the “L”, shaper where the “L” is at a point where the belt has to go onto the pulley the “L” is not high but often the pulleys are 400-600mm diameter and the belt is forced on to the pulley with no damage. Of course the width of the belt is important as a cone drive works best with a “bootlace” due to the constant wearing even with roller forks. Most of the belts I have fitted were around maximum 75-100 millimeters & ended up 30-60mm still working.

I appreciate your response and I hope now Belt Installation on Conedrum Pulley is easy for you, if still need information / help, write your comment and stay updated. Please note, We offer complete Belt Jointing at our workshop and at buyer’s site too.

Belt Installation on Conedrum Pulley

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