Last month I posted Advantages of Advertising & Disadvantages of Advertising. One of reader requested to share Advertising Reasons or Why advertise? Coming to the point. Advertisements are one of the basic functions applied in business promotions.

Advertising Reasons

Commercials, sign boards, radio and others are supposed to influence public. They try to change priorities and even switching public needs. Advertisements change social values & buying patterns. It persuades you to buy specific brand. Possibly different advertisement campaign has different goals, yet basics are same.

Advertising Causes – Switching Needs

Advertising ReasonsThe core reason behind advertisement is giving information to viewers & prospects. Often you see very long descriptive ads; they describe each features or operating manuals. Sales Probability increases once information is shared through media. We Often see advertisement of products that we never see in market. Actually they introduce themselves.

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Suppose a company designed a new product. They produced it but who will buy? Recall powder milk. The basic source of milk is cow, goat and camel. Actually milk is liquid, if you keep real milk in room for some days at room temperature it starts stinking but power milk has long expiry. You know better that it is chemical & chemically processed. Still you buy powder, ever thought why? Continuous advertisements change your social life. You simply switch.

Advertising Reasons – Reminders

Advertisements are reminders too. Repeated ads are just to incorporate mind. You are using Dell or Lenovo laptop, Samsung or Apple tablet, Audi or BMW with a reason and this reason isn’t born in a day. It took long term effort to approach your mind though advertisers to set your mind towards Nike shoe and not Adidas.

Advertising Reasons – Increasing Sales & Profit

Advertisements are often to empower sales staff & engage people to buy directly from company. Companies never want to lose devoted staff. Most probably sales staff gets unmotivated after several unsuccessful target achieving attempts. Commercial empowers them in a way that ads forward you to some steps in selling process, people make a product image in mind after campaign but don’t buy.

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Advertisement leaves many opportunities to sales staff to engage people in buying. Not even a single business in world wants to reduce their profit margin. Producers pay profit to whole sellers, retailers and traders to resell their product.

If you directly buy it from manufacturer the price is still same. It also aims to Compete Rivals in market, Blackberry is best platform for business needs but Android & Apple captured most of its market share through commercials. Conclusively Advertising plays a vital role for Company. Advertised products are more remembered in consumers. They are sold more compared to when they were not advertised.

Advertising Reasons
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