Advantages of Advertising & disadvantages go hands in hands. Advertising is not bad; it is good in multiple perspectives, from Company view, from Media view & from Society view. Advertising is actually introduction through Print Media & Electric Media. Advertising is costly tool used to increase sales which results more profit company.

Why Advertising ??

There are lots of tooth paste brands. Some big companies own more than 1 brand of same product with little variation. If brand A sale is decreasing company starts Advertising & If brand B sale is down they do the same with brand B, C or others.

The basic purpose of Advertisement is to influence consumers to buy your product. They can even reduce and increase their time based sales within brands they have. All these Advertising activities circulate money in market, which is positive effect in Economy.

Advantages of Advertising in Company Perspectives

Change the Market

Most of the times Advertising change market trends, buying behaviors, brand priorities, likes and dislikes are altered. Soccer is most famous sport in Europe and Cricket in Asia. I don’t remember I saw any TV ad supporting Hockey, Football, Swimming or Cycling in Pakistan, but in World Cup seasons, or other matches, people change their routine to watch cricket match.

It builds your interest if you keep watching & hearing same thing again and again. You start liking it. You get emotionally attached. Advertising is used to play with customer’s psychology, they divert you, they set up your mind.


I was using Samsung smart phone for my personal use. A local mobile producer Q-mobile is always on TVs, Internet, Cinema, Billboards & also painted vehicle. Once I thought to buy Q-mobile when I was about to change my phone but switched to Huawei-Honor smart phone.

Why I thought to buy Q-Mobile? Even I know Samsung’s 8MP camera is better than Q-Mobile’s 13MP camera. All your selling tricks & sales man qualities may fail without taking help from advertising.

Advantages of Advertising - Brand

Consumer Perception

Consumers build perception about brand; company image is constructed through advertising channel. Generally people perceive advertised brand better than non-advertised. Advertising has many benefits that is why brands make huge investments on Advertising. While reading Advantages of Advertising, you should also read Advertising Disadvantages

Eliminating Middleman

We cannot neglect that once company advertise their product, consumer actually get road to direct producers. Direct orders to producers reduces product price because of no commission or incentives paid to whole sellers & retailers.

Competitive Price

Advertising Encourages competition, better production facilities with latest modern technologies are used to beat competitor, products are also sold at competitive pricing. The more competition in market, the more chances of buying good quality product at low rates, some of the core Advantages of Advertising.

Time Saver

Advertising is time saving, we easily get to know which product meets our specific need. It also helps in developing new products. Manufacturing concerns observes market behaviors and tries for more innovation in existing product. Advertising improves our social life & social standards.


In 2005, I remember we had Nokia phones 3310, 1112, 1100 or similar models. You can only call, send sms up to 500 characters, two three games which I remember snake master. Today we play interactive games at phone, watch movies or talk to world.

Why we are using Android, Windows, Black berry & Apple phone in 2015? Who changed our needs? Who made us realize which phone meets our requirement? Even we were satisfied with those phones at that time.

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Why you wear soft night suit at bed and jeans with friends? Who told you all these social or personal norms? Why you don’t wear tie with trouser or Joggers with coat? Advertising played an important role.

You watch a sportsman in commercial wearing sports watch, so you wear sports watch while you play. You at road hoarding saw a lady using umbrella in sun, I don’t think now you never saw ladies on road with umbrella. These are advertising effects.

Advertising Advantage in Society

Increase in Employment

It provides employment to unemployed people. Too much of employment opportunities are created, many new business are designed & developed. Did you ever think you shall receive short message providing you product information?

Society Advertising Advantages

Or you thought young boys and girls standing at road with free product samples in hand? Or ever you imagined a big board on road displaying product? Go back in past, about 10-15 years or 30 years. You can ask your elders; did they ever think they would be able to actually watch their family member in some other country?

Even if I try I cannot sum how many businesses are designed. A man making small boards, a woman acting as model, a baby wearing pamper in Ad and earning, designers are working day and nights to make attractive bill board, bill boards are made of iron and recycling units are forging iron, some are joining them, some are installing electric bulbs, some are selling electric bulbs, models in ads wearing good brands, textile designers working for brands, workers are making those designed clothes and so on.

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Sale is not easy job even if you have so many salesman qualities you still need advertising to help you in sales. Advertising starts engine & you gear it. Good advertising campaign educates you time to time.

Compare cricketer’s Ads in Pakistan and India. In Pakistan they drinking soft drinks like Pepsi & Coca cola, but in Indian the same ranking people are drinking Milk with Boost or Milo. Who wins your heart? What you will choose for your family? A chemical named soft drink or energy powder mixed in natural milk? Think it & Share

Advantages of Advertising
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